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Dimensional Shingle Roof in North Miami-Dade

Panoramic photo of dark dimensional shingle roof

This roof project was part of a new construction residence in the northern area of Miami-Dade County. The job required 1,400 sq. ft of new roof decking, #30 felt roofing paper and dimensional asphalt shingles. A dark grey shingle, Charcoal by GAF®, was installed to match the modern monochromatic color scheme of the homes exterior.

Roof Type:
Architectural / Dimensional Shingle
Shingle Model/Color:
Timberline HD® / Charcoal by GAF®
Miami-Dade County

Photo Gallery

Shingle Roof & Flat Roof in Kendall

Finished Birchwood Architectural GAF Timberline Shingle Roof

The gallery below shows the existing 3-tab shingle and a flat roof over the patio. The 3-tab shingle was being upgraded to a GAF Timberline HD Birchwood Architectural Shingle and the rear patio had all the tongue & groove decking replaced along with a new BUR Flat Roof.

Architectural Shingle Roof in Miami

Photo of completed roof with architectural shingle installed

Below is a gallery of a large roof we just completed in Miami’s Kendall Area. The pool was covered with plastic to keep any roofing debris from landing inside. The roof had minor decking and fascia damage that needed to be replaced prior to 30 Felt and Tin Cap being installed. Finally the new architectural shingle was installed giving the new roof a nice texture over it’s large planes.

Tamko Heritage Dimensional Shingle

After photo of installed Tamko Heritage Dimensional Shingle

Before & after photos of a newly installed Tamko Heritage Dimensional Shingle Roof in West Miami.