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Collection of traditional roof colors in shingle, tile or metal

Large Tile Roof Replacement in Westchester

After photo of installed Flat Cement Roof Tile

This large tile roof had reached the end of it’s life after several repair jobs by the homeowners. They contacted us for a complete roof replacement and chose to go with a flat cement roof tile instead of the existing double roll cement roof tile. The gallery below shows the roof replacement process along with photos of the finished roof.

Architectural Shingle Roof in Miami

Photo of completed roof with architectural shingle installed

Below is a gallery of a large roof we just completed in Miami’s Kendall Area. The pool was covered with plastic to keep any roofing debris from landing inside. The roof had minor decking and fascia damage that needed to be replaced prior to 30 Felt and Tin Cap being installed. Finally the new architectural shingle was installed giving the new roof a nice texture over it’s large planes.

New 3-Tab Shingle Roof in Palmetto Bay

5,600 sq ft Shingle Roof in Palmetto Bay

This home in Palmetto Bay had such a large roof (5,600 sq ft) that the owners decided to go with an economical shingle as opposed to re-roofing with flat tile. This decision cut costs by almost 50% right up front. The home had multiple leaks and a tarp installed over the entire roof so we needed to act fast. Below are before & after photos of the complete re-roofing process.

Multi-Color S Tile in Miami

Finished photo of Multi-Color S Tile Roof in Miami

This a beautiful Multi-Color “S” Tile we installed in a Miami residence.