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Collection of grey roofs in shingle, tile or metal

Dimensional Shingle Roof in North Miami-Dade

Panoramic photo of dark dimensional shingle roof

This roof project was part of a new construction residence in the northern area of Miami-Dade County. The job required 1,400 sq. ft of new roof decking, #30 felt roofing paper and dimensional asphalt shingles. A dark grey shingle, Charcoal by GAF®, was installed to match the modern monochromatic color scheme of the homes exterior.

Roof Type:
Architectural / Dimensional Shingle
Shingle Model/Color:
Timberline HD® / Charcoal by GAF®
Miami-Dade County

Photo Gallery

Flat Tile Roof Replacement in Coral Gables

After photo of gray concrete roof tile installed in Coral Gables.

The owners of this Coral Gables home had extended the life of their previous roof with a white sealant, but now it was time for a complete roof replacement. The homeowners chose a flat concrete roof tile in grey with light streaks, called Silverado by Crown®Crown® manufacturers one of the few concrete roof tiles permitted by the by-laws of Coral Gables. The City of Coral Gables has very strict by-laws regarding exterior modifications, including roof replacement.

Roof Type:
Flat Concrete Roof Tile
Tile Model/Color:
Windsor Slate / Silverado by Crown®
Coral Gables

Before & After Photos

Charcoal Flat Roof Tile

After photo of a home with new charcoal flat roof tiles installed

Before & after photo of a new flat roof installed in Westchester. The homeowners chose a dark charcoal roof tile to match the new modern exterior color-scheme of their home.

Charcoal Shingle Roof

Close-up after photo of charcoal shingle

After photo of charcoal shingle roof

Above are photos of a recently completed 3-tab shingle roof in Miami. The new charcoal shingles were the first step in the homeowners goal of giving their home a new modern look. Up next… exterior paint!

Shingle Type:
Shingle Color/Model:
Elite Glass Seal® Rustic Black

Roof Replacement in South Miami

After photo of flat tile roof replacement

The owners of this South Miami home contacted Rausa Builders Corp for their tile roof replacement needs. Their existing flat tile roof had gone through several patch jobs and the time had come for a complete roof replacement. We installed the Bel Air Light Gray Range flat cement roof tile which features various light gray tones creating a beautiful blend of grays.

Below are before & after photos of this roof replacement project.