Category: S Tile

New S Tile Roof & Flat Roof

New s-tile roof in Miami Shores

After photos of a recently completed roofing project in Miami Shores. The tile roof in the photo was a new roof, part of a residential addition. The flat roof was part of the original home and was completely replaced.

Multi-Color S Tile in Miami

Finished photo of Multi-Color S Tile Roof in Miami

This a beautiful Multi-Color “S” Tile we installed in a Miami residence.

New Roof in Miami Gardens

S Roof Tile installed

New Clay Tile Roof

After photo of completed new roof with clay tiles

These photos are of a new roof we installed over a residential addition in Coral Gables, Florida. The roofing part of the project included the installation of roof trusses, plywood and new clay roof tiles to match the existing tiles from the original roof of the residence.

Leaky Roof Repair

Area of roof leak below second floor bedroom window

Select roof tiles had to be removed for this roof repair job in order to replace the flashing underneath which was the cause of the roof leak.