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Multi-Color S Tile in Miami

Finished photo of Multi-Color S Tile Roof in Miami

This a beautiful Multi-Color “S” Tile we installed in a Miami residence.

New Roof in Miami Gardens

S Roof Tile installed

Double Roll Cement Tile Roof in Hialeah

Double Roll Cement Tile Roof finished

The complete roof replacement below documents the removal of the original tile roof and paper. The roof was stripped down to the wood decking before installing new roof paper and tin cap, followed by Polystick installation and finally the new Double Roll Cement Tile.

Charcoal Flat Cement Roof Tile

Installed Belair Sierra Madre flat cement roof tile

Below are photos showing the process of re-roofing a beautiful home in Pinecrest, FL. The cement roof tile was installed over Polystick, a waterproofing underlayment. The Belair Sierra Madre tile is a modern flat cement roof tile, in charcoal with black streaks.

Flat Tile to Barrel Tile Roof Remodel

New Barrel Tile Roof

This roofing project in Miami was a remodel and upgrade from flat tile roof to new barrel tile roof.