Category: Double Roll Tile

Red Concrete Roof Tile

Close-up of Red double roll concrete roof tile installed in Hialeah

After photos of a red concrete double roll roof tile we installed in the city of Hialeah.

Roof Tile Type:
Double Roll Roof Tile
Roof Tile Manufacture:
Eagle Roofing Products
Roof Tile Color/Model:
Kona Red Range

Double Roll Cement Tile Roof in Hialeah

Double Roll Cement Tile Roof finished

The complete roof replacement below documents the removal of the original tile roof and paper. The roof was stripped down to the wood decking before installing new roof paper and tin cap, followed by Polystick installation and finally the new Double Roll Cement Tile.

Leaking Roof & Broken Roof Tiles

After photo of replaced roof tiles on multi-pitch roof

This job required replacing select areas of the roof tiles that were broken or they were in the area of the roof leak.