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Shingle Roof & Flat Roof in Kendall

Finished Birchwood Architectural GAF Timberline Shingle Roof

The gallery below shows the existing 3-tab shingle and a flat roof over the patio. The 3-tab shingle was being upgraded to a GAF Timberline HD Birchwood Architectural Shingle and the rear patio had all the tongue & groove decking replaced along with a new BUR Flat Roof.

New Flat Roof over Terrace in West Miami

Photo of flat roof finished

Here we re-roofed a flat roof terrace. The re-roofing included decking repairs for rotted wood.

Tongue & Groove Roof Repair

After photo of finalized roof repair

This tongue and groove roof had been damaged due to neglect and the moisture in the Miami air. The repair required removal of damaged roof slats and insulation. New insulation and tongue and groove slats were installed and varnished.